Skilled in data focused on transportation


       Weatbook, the leading road management intelligent decision-making data service provider with precise traffic weather warning and forecasting system in China, is planning the field of intelligent road construction such as consulting, planning and design, system development, operation and maintenance. The operating unit provides a one-stop overall solution for “resource planning + full service”.

      Weatbook makes full use of next-generation technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, satellite remote sensing, geographic information, MEMS sensors, and combines internationally leading artificial intelligence traffic weather forecasting algorithms with independent intellectual property rights and independently developed meteorological and bridge displacement dynamic monitoring and other Internet of Things. The collection system integrates theories and tools of transportation science, system method, artificial intelligence, knowledge mining, etc., with the goal of comprehensive perception, deep integration, active service, and scientific decision-making, data collection, analysis, organization, storage, integration, and application. Etc., so that the transportation system has the ability of sensing, interconnecting, analyzing, predicting, and controlling in the roads, cities, and even larger time and space to fully protect traffic safety, exert the efficiency of transportation infrastructure, and improve the operational efficiency and management level of the transportation system. Unobstructed public travel and sustainable economic development services. To improve the transportation industry's resource allocation optimization capabilities, public decision-making capabilities, industry management capabilities, and public service capabilities, the transportation industry is promoted to be safer, more efficient, more convenient, more economical, more environmentally friendly, and more comfortable to operate and develop.

      Weatbook has established long-term strategic partnerships with research institutes or enterprises such as the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Public Security, China Meteorological Administration, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Chang'an University, Finland VAISALA, Germany LUFFT, and Dutch METEOGROUP. As the optimal resource platform for the comprehensive solution of smart road construction, it is our responsibility to promote the construction of highway informationization, and provide high-quality professional team and extensive resources to provide the industry with all-round services of intelligent road construction and operation integration.

      The company has always adhered to the concept of gathering and achieving win-win cooperation, emphasizing the integration of internal and external resources, and is willing to make new and greater contributions to the development of China's smart road industry.
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Message from the president

With the rapid development of China's economy, the main contradiction in the transportation industry has changed from the original can not go, the unsatisfactory, the goods can not be transported to the current good, safe, and smooth transportation of goods. There are more and more new technologies for roads and bridges, and the travel experience is getting better and better. In February 2018, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Pilot of a New Generation of National Traffic Control Network and Smart Highways", proposing a series of concepts such as infrastructure digitization, road transportation integration, and road-to-road smart roads.
A highly intelligent highway with the ability to use the latest sensory monitoring technologies such as machine vision, Beidou, and the Internet of Things to perceive highway mains, structures, and facilities along the route. In the past, the road was a passage, only to meet ordinary traffic, and the road in the future is a digital facility that will work day and night to collect data automatically. These devices not only sense the road environment, but also the traffic flow, and there are no vehicles, animals and pedestrians at the intersection. Relevant information on the road will be promptly captured and promptly feedback.
The future of smart roads ~ make way smart!


Company Mission

Make traffic smarter


Gathering in Dacheng, winning a win-win situation Resource integration, ecological synergy

Company Vision

Give way to smart